Iphone 11 and Ricoh GR III

Street Photography: iPhone 11 Pro vs. Ricoh GR III

Until recently I’ve relied on my iPhone 11 Pro exclusively for my photography. It’s been great for landscapes and architecture. The portrait mode is fantastic, providing varying, controllable levels of bokeh (that beautiful background blur). It shoots very good videos, as well. My main use of the iPhone, however, has been for ‘street photography’. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts,…

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"Seduced by Mrs. Robinson: How The Graduate Became the Touchstone of a Generation" by Beverly Gray

Quick Book Review: “Seduced by Mrs. Robinson: How The Graduate Became the Touchstone of a Generation” by Beverly Gray

The Graduate has held, for decades, a consistent, secure place in my list of top ten favorite movies, as well an iconic place in Hollywood history and in pop culture.  This book (which I found, in pristine condition, sitting in a small pile of books next to a trashcan on a street corner on the upper west side), is an…

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"The Passionate Photographer: Ten Steps Towards Becoming Great" by Steve Simon

Quick Book Review: “The Passionate Photographer: Ten Steps Towards Becoming Great” by Steve Simon

I’ve been reading a lot of books on photography since it’s become a big hobby for me, and this book is definitely the best I’ve read so far.  Written in a really easy, candid style, the author provides a ten-step plan for success that really covers everything you might ever consider when pursuing photography, whether as a career or as…

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“Here’s the Catch: A Memoir of the Miracle Mets and More” by Ron Swoboda

Quick Book Review: “Here’s the Catch: A Memoir of the Miracle Mets and More” by Ron Swoboda

Although I don’t follow sports anymore, I was a fanatical baseball fan as a kid, and the New York Mets were my life.  That mythical 1969 season is embedded in my head forever, and I never get tired of reading about it.  Last year, I read Art Shamsky’s great book about that miracle team.  This year, I gave Ron Swoboda’s…

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The Beacon by Brad Reason, Inspired by "The Outlaw Ocean" by Ian Urbina

“The Beacon” by Brad Reason – A Five-Track Electronic Musical Journey Inspired by “The Outlaw Ocean”

ART + AWARENESS = ACTIVISM! Many of you know that I’ve been friends with Brad for 27 years, since he was a little boy. Brad is 41 now, and I have gotten to see him jump into many unique and creative projects using his talents: computer whiz (his company, Ravelong, has been providing growth-hack outside-the-box digital marketing since 2006.). He’s…

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"Conscious: A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind" by Annaka Harris

Quick Book Review: “Conscious: A Brief Guide to the Fundamental Mystery of the Mind” by Annaka Harris

Though it’s a daunting topic, the author tackles questions about the mind – what is consciousness, how does it arise, why does it even exist – in a very clear, concise (a mere 144 pages) manner, providing quite a lot of food for thought.  Questions about free will, whether plants have consciousness, and artificial intelligence (AI) are addressed in a…

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"Design Principles for Photography" by Jeremy Webb

Quick Book Review: “Design Principles for Photography” by Jeremy Webb

In my quest to improve my photography skills, I’ve been reading books on the topic.  I still feel like a beginner, so most of the books I’m reading are inspirational and instructional manuals designed to help you in composing compelling photographs.  This book is really terrific.  I found myself understanding and relating to all of his ideas and opinions.  The…

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