Straat – The Museum for Graffiti and Street Art, Amsterdam

I think I’ve been to most of the museums in Amsterdam’s Centrum.  There is a museum that’s not in the Centrum, though, that I’d heard about and wanted to visit: it’s called Straat, and it’s a museum for graffiti and street art.  

The museum is north of the Centrum.  You have to take the ferry over, and then either walk a bit, or bike there.  We (Udi and I) took our bikes on the ferry. 

We got there pretty quickly. 

I don’t know what’s more interesting about this museum, the artwork, or the museum itself.  The museum is in a massive, amazing warehouse that’s over 25 meters tall.  It’s a raw, industrial space, which is really perfect for this type of art.  

The collection is huge.  There are over 150 pieces, and they’re enormous.  

There’s also a cafe and a pretty cool gift shop.  

This is the view from the cafe that overlooks the space: We ordered the bitterballen.

 Check out this amazing space, and the striking artworks.  

Near the museum are all sorts of waterfront restaurants.  An afternoon looking at cool artwork in an awesome space, followed by lunch/dinner and drinks on the water is a great way to spend an afternoon.  Next time you visit Amsterdam, you gotta check it out.  

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