Mobiography Awards 2022

Mobiography Magazine is a digital magazine about mobile (smartphone) photography. I’m a subscriber, and I find the magazine very helpful. There are articles about mobile phone photography techniques, reviews of the latest useful apps, and profiles of talented smartphone photographers from around the globe.

Every year, the magazine runs a contest where readers can submit photos in a variety of categories, like ‘abstract and digital art’, ‘architecture’, ‘black and white’, ‘family and home life’, ‘landscape and nature’, ‘people and portrait’, ‘street photography’ and ‘travel/a sense of place’. The winning photo in each category earns the photographer $250. The judges then pick the Mobiography Photographer of the Year award, which comes with a prize of $1500.

I submitted 20 photos. I think I entered 15 of them in the ‘street photography’ category, and 5 in the ‘black and white’ category.

This morning they announced the winners of each category, as well as the photos that received honorable mention. I was shocked (and delighted) to discover that one of my photos was the category winner in the ‘street photography’ category!

Here are the photos that I submitted. You can’t enlarge the images by clicking on the screen, so just zoom out with your mouse or trackpad to see the pics in more detail. I’ll save the winning entry for last.

And here’s the photograph that won for the best image:

I’m not sure when they announce the winner of the Mobiography Photographer of the Year award, but you can be certain I’ll be blogging about it if somehow I win. Fingers crossed!

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