Arnold Plotnick – Leisure Commando

I am a veterinarian and a freelance writer. In 2003, after many years of academic training and assorted veterinary positions, I opened my own feline-exclusive veterinary hospital (Manhattan Cat Specialists) on the upper west side of New York City. In addition to running my practice, I served as medical editor of Catnip newsletter, veterinary advisor for, and authored the veterinary medical column for Catster magazine (a position I still hold.)  

Arnold Plotnick and Cat at Katten Kabinet Amsterdam
Arnold Plotnick and Cat at Katten Kabinet Amsterdam

In 2017, after 29 years as a practicing veterinarian, I hung up my stethoscope and leaped into the strange and wondrous world of  retirement. I also fulfilled a dream by purchasing a small apartment in the heart of my favorite city, Amsterdam, where I spend two or three months of the year.

With this blog, I share my thoughts and tales about retirement (still a new venture for me), veterinary medicine (cats being a specialty), travel (44 countries and counting), books (I’m an avid reader), music (I’m a rock n’ roll enthusiast, especially classic rock and punk), and anything else that pops into my aging, scattered brain.  

For a business owner who worked fanatically five or six days a week and who absolutely relished the weekend, I’m suddenly now a leisure commando, raiding cities across the globe and indulging in whatever leisure activities are on offer there.  I no longer live for the weekend; life is one continuous weekend. Join me on these escapades as I try to make sense out of the world.  

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