On Riots and Racism

I’ve been slow, and also a little reluctant, to put together a blog post about the events of the last few days.  I live in New York City, and the rioting in the streets has, at times, come almost literally to my doorstep.   A few days ago, I posted my thoughts on my Facebook page.  I had awakened at 3:00…

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Mission Rabies Ghana – Chapter 15: My final post from Ghana

Mission Rabies Ghana, February 2020; what an adventure!! Let’s wrap this puppy up with a blog post. The tentative schedule this morning was: breakfast at 8:00, departure from Lake Bosomtwe at 9:00.  I packed my suitcase last night except for the few things I would need in the morning, so I was pretty ready to go.  I set the alarm…

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