Oosterpark, Amsterdam

Parks of Amsterdam – Oosterpark

Located just outside the Amsterdam centrum, but on the completely opposite side compared to Westerpark, is the lovely Oosterpark.  This shouldn’t be surprising; WESTerpark is up in the northwest.  OOSTerpark (“oost” means “east”) is in the southeast.  It’s a big park, with lots of benches, a big lake, lots of birds, and a bunch of nice footbridges.   Just as with…

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Piecing Together Pottery at the Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam

In March of last year, I visited the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam.  I had purchased a MuseumCard which gave me access to a slew of museums in Amsterdam and elsewhere in the Netherlands, and I had been methodically going down the list and visiting each one. The Allard Pierson is an archaeological museum with a permanent collection that contains…

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De Poezenboot, KattenKabinet, and “The Last Pet” at Tot Zover, Amsterdam

I’m in Amsterdam, up to my neck in Dutch vocabulary, learning the language. Although free time this trip isn’t plentiful, I did manage to slide in several engagements. SEE ALSO: ALL ABOARD THE POEZENBOOT Popped by KattenKabinet hoping there’d be a resident cat or two. There was indeed. SEE ALSO: PREVIOUS VISIT TO KATTENKABINET Went to a very interesting exhibit…

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