Mission Rabies Ghana – Chapter 6: Visit to Adagya, and Fishing on the Lake

Today we went out to a very remote area today, a village called Adagya, and set up a static point clinic at another community maternity center.  Our team was me and Adusei, Charlotte, and a new Community Health Officer (CHO) named Naomi. And our driver, Moses, of course. We all met up at the base, loaded our bags, and headed…

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Kenya and Ethiopia – Part 14: Nai Nami: Nairobi Storytelling Tour with Street Children

Today was our last day in Africa, and it was a long one.   It started out with a very interesting tour.  This tour was called Nai Nami: Nairobi Storytelling Tour with Street Children.  It’s a tour conducted by five residents of Nairobi who have had very difficult lives as street kids.  They share their story of their former lives, and…

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Mission Rabies Ghana 2020

Mission Rabies Ghana – Chapter 4: The First Day of Vaccinations

After a restless night trying to sleep (jet lag plus excitement), the alarm went off at 5:10 a.m.  I shaved, showered, put on my Mission Rabies t-shirt, scarfed down breakfast with the rest of the gang, were given our special phones with the Mission Rabies app, and then off we went, to the Health Center (our base camp) where all…

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Kenya and Ethiopia – Part 10: Lalibela Sunday Church Service, St. George Church, and Mountain Monastery

Today we woke up earlier than usual.  Sunday is a very important day of worship for the residents of Lalibela, and the procession of people heading to the church for services is an awe-inspiring sight.  Our hotel knows that tourists like to watch the processional, so they had breakfast prepared early for us. Hailu came to pick us up at…

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Kenya and Ethiopia – Part 9: Lalibela Rock Churches and the Amazing Market

We woke up early, had breakfast at our hotel, and then met our guide, Haliu.  We rode into town in a tuk-tuk while he gave us the history of the churches.   – There are 13 churches.  They are divided into groups.  There’s the northern cluster, which we were going to visit in the morning.  In the afternoon, we would explore…

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Kenya and Ethiopia – Part 7: Mercato and Half Day Addis Ababa Tour

Mark’s main interest in life is food.  He is a big-time foodie, spending nearly every evening watching cooking videos, thumbing through cookbooks, and perusing cooking blogs.  When we go into a bookstore, he visits one section and one section only: the cookbooks. There is a travel video blogger named Mark Wiens who makes videos which are a perfect mix of…

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