"Design Principles for Photography" by Jeremy Webb

Quick Book Review: “Design Principles for Photography” by Jeremy Webb

In my quest to improve my photography skills, I’ve been reading books on the topic.  I still feel like a beginner, so most of the books I’m reading are inspirational and instructional manuals designed to help you in composing compelling photographs.  This book is really terrific.  I found myself understanding and relating to all of his ideas and opinions.  The…

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The Heatwave Festival – A New Wave Concert for the Ages (Summer of 1980)

Just about 40 years ago, on a hot summer Saturday, I attended one of the best concerts ever.  Despite the incredible lineup of performers, it still remains relatively obscure.  In the early summer of 1980, I was told about an outdoor concert that was to take place in Toronto in August.  Billed as a “Punk Woodstock”, “New Wave Woodstock”, or…

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Seeking Human Kindness: Design, Composition, and Sheer Luck in Smartphone Photography

After spending my entire adult working life immersed in the sciences (I’m a veterinarian), I now find myself pursuing the arts in retirement.  I’ve always had an appreciation for photography. In fact, a few years ago, after purchasing a Sony DSLR camera, I took a class on digital photography at PhotoManhattan here in New York City.  My instructor, Stephanie, was…

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"Learning to See Creatively: Design, Color, and Composition in Photography" by Bryan Peterson

Quick Book Review: “Learning to See Creatively: Design, Color, and Composition in Photography” by Bryan Peterson

This book first came out in 1988. A revised second edition was published in 2003, and this third edition was updated in 2015.  Peterson’s photography books are very popular, and after reading this one, I understand why.  He has a very down-to-earth style, and he supports his lessons and recommendations with many excellent photographic examples. I still consider myself a…

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