"On Photographing People and Communities" by Dawoud Bey

Quick Book Review: “On Photographing People and Communities” by Dawoud Bey

Last year, I went to Ghana for a Mission Rabies project.  I got to see several small village communities and I took many great photos.  I’ll be going to Tanzania in mid-January for another Mission Rabies project, and I wanted to read some inspirational photography books to prepare me for (what I hope will be) more excellent photography opportunities.  This…

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Mission Rabies

Countdown to Mission Rabies Tanzania 2021

Regular readers of my blog know that even though I retired from veterinary practice three years ago, I’ve remained active in the veterinary community.  I still author the bimonthly “The Vet Is In” column for Catster magazine, and I still pop into Dr. Soboroff’s practice, New York Cat Hospital, every now and then to visit him and Dr. Sheheri and…

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Iphone 11 and Ricoh GR III

Street Photography: iPhone 11 Pro vs. Ricoh GR III

Until recently I’ve relied on my iPhone 11 Pro exclusively for my photography. It’s been great for landscapes and architecture. The portrait mode is fantastic, providing varying, controllable levels of bokeh (that beautiful background blur). It shoots very good videos, as well. My main use of the iPhone, however, has been for ‘street photography’. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts,…

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