One-A-Day: My Photo Project for 2021

With 2020 finally over, I’m ready to start the new year with a new project.  I’m going to take one good photo every day and post it on social media.  I will use either my iPhone, my Ricoh GR III, or my new Fuji XT-30.  The photo has to have been taken that day; I won’t save up a few in reserve.  Every photo will be fresh. 

On this blog, I will post the photo I chose, as well as any other photos that I took that day that meet my very subjective criteria of “good”. I will also post any creative edits of the photos I’ve taken.  It’s a simple project, but it forces me to get out and shoot, every day, no matter what, as well as practice editing.  I’ve taken photography courses (and will probably take a few more this year), and I’ve read a lot of photography books (and have a bunch lined up for this year already), but there’s no substitute for just getting out there and shooting.  

Here’s the photo I chose for Day One:  Mark walking up the subway steps.  I edited it to make the tiles look bright and glassy.  

And here are the other contenders.

West 97th Street after the rain. Here I chose color, but made it look hazy/dreamy. 

Here’s a black and white version.  I like both the color and black and white.  Hard to pick a favorite.  The black and white has that moody film noir look that I love.  

Here’s a high-contrast black and white.  

I was drawn to this bodega, as well.  The harsh bright fluorescent lights against the dark background in the upper left corner was pretty striking.   

Today is Day 2 and I’ve taken a few this morning, but I’m sure I’ll get some very nice ones later today, as it’s a nice day today and I’ll be hitting the streets soon.  

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