One-A-Day Photo Project: Day 3

Gross, gloomy day outside, but I had to go out to Union Square, so I was able to grab a bunch of photos.  Tough choice picking my favorite for today, but I went with this reflection photo. I like how it shows the Black Lives Matter street art and the NYPD car in the same frame. 

The runners up:  

This woman reclining on the street.

A lone tree on the street corner next to a garbage can. I used the ultrawide lens on the iPhone for this one, as it gave an interesting distortion to the buildings in the background. 

I took this in the subway, at the 28th Street station.  I like the way the one passenger across the track was framed.  

The corner of this subway car was pretty psychedelic. I used Snapseed’s “Glamour Glow” tool to give it a mystical glowing haze.  

My obsession with squirrels continues, as I saw this cute one in Union Square Park.

My goal with this project is to get out and shoot every day.  With my cat Glitter in the house here, it’s easy to fall back on just snagging some photos of her instead of going outside.  I’m going to try not to do that, however, I do plan on taking lots of photos of her in general, because she’s basically my muse.  

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