One-A-Day Photo Project: Day 6 & 7

Day 6

A bit of a dull day, photowise.  I went out in the morning and took a nice photo of the Empire State Building on my walk to the gym.  That was the main pic of the day.  I got a quick picture of a dog, shooting stealthily from my hip. It got cut off, but editing it in black and white rescued it a little.  And I got a quick photo of a guy jogging.  Nothing amazing.  I was going to go out and shoot a few more, but I started getting messages on my phone about the Capitol being breached by Trump-loving morons, and I stayed in and watched the news all afternoon instead.  

Day 7

Today I grabbed the Ricoh GR III and did some basic street photography.  The picture I chose today was an easy selection: This street vendor selling t-shirts and sweatshirts.  

The rest are just a few street photos:  people on the streets, some cool street art, and the last photo, a pile of newspapers on the floor of the elevator in my building, just for the headline. 

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