One-A-Day Photo Project: Day 2

Location: Union Square

Camera: Ricoh GR III

Title: Crack Kills

Other pics I took today that I considered:

Glitter on the window sill.  Taken with the iPhone. Converted to black and white.

This is a Buddha Hand.  It’s a weird (and expensive) citrus fruit.  Saw it at the supermarket today, and took a photo with the iPhone, in portrait mode.  

Around St. Mark’s Place today, there was a row of tenement buildings, and then one very modern building next to them.  The sunlight hitting that building really brought out the stark difference.  I took this one in black and white, so no conversion needed.  Taken with Ricoh GR III, which takes great in-camera black and white pics.  

Snapped this quick picture of a woman with her three chihuahuas.  Ricoh GR III.

I found this wall art intriguing, mostly because, from this vantage point, the arches in the building behind it makes it look like the face has eyes.  Ricoh GR III.  

This last one is a guy purchasing lottery tickets.  I cropped it close so you can see the transaction.  I left in the fliers on the side of the booth referencing previous lottery winners.  

Tomorrow’s going to be cold out, but I have to go out to get a covid test, so I’ll snag a few photos for tomorrow’s session. 

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