The Parks of Amsterdam – Sarphatipark

Sarphatipark – Named after the Jewish doctor and philanthropist Samuel Sarphati, this small park is a nice chunk of green space right in the middle of the trendy neighborhood, De Pijp.   Not surprisingly, this is one of the first parks I explored when I visited Amsterdam, because it’s in De Pijp.  This neighborhood is just south of the Centrum.  It’s…

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Camera-Phone Photography – Moment’s Anamorphic Lens: Unboxing and Review

I’ve become obsessed with Moment lenses.  I’ve stepped up my photography game in recent years, and with the iPhone cameras being of such high quality these days, I’ve elected to limit my photography solely to the iPhone.   Moment is a company that manufactures photography and video equipment, including lenses specially designed for the iPhone.  You have to buy an specially-designed…

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Kenya and Ethiopia – Part 14: Nai Nami: Nairobi Storytelling Tour with Street Children

Today was our last day in Africa, and it was a long one.   It started out with a very interesting tour.  This tour was called Nai Nami: Nairobi Storytelling Tour with Street Children.  It’s a tour conducted by five residents of Nairobi who have had very difficult lives as street kids.  They share their story of their former lives, and…

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