Kenya and Ethiopia – Part 13: Lake Nakuru Full Day Safari

Today’s safari was, for me, the highlight of the trip.

Our driver met us early at our hotel (6:00 a.m.) Much to my surprise (and delight), Mark and I were the only participants on the safari.  No one else had signed up. It can be fun meeting people on tours, but I was really glad that it was just the two of us. The drive to Lake Nakuru was long.  Three hours.  

On the drive, we passed through some small villages.  Then the road opened up, the sun began to rise, and the scenery was really beautiful. 

In the United States, when driving on a rural highway, sometimes I’ll glance over and see cows, or maybe horses.  I guess Africa is different, because we were driving along, and I looked out the window and was shocked to see… a giraffe!

Mark and I both were stunned, and reacted accordingly.

Our driver offered to pull over and let us get a closer look.

We soon arrived at the park. 

As with yesterday’s safari, the roof of the van was adjustable so that it propped up, allowing us to stand comfortably and view the wildlife. 

I thought the driver was going to be our guide, but once we got there, he informed us that, for a better experience, we should hire one of the park guides to come along on the ride and show us the best places in the park to see the wildlife.  This was an added expense that I feel they should have mentioned on the website where I booked it. Fortunately, it wasn’t that much more of an expense.

This park was big, and was much more beautiful than Nairobi National Park. 

We saw many of the same animals as those in yesterday’s safari, plus a few new ones (like zebras), in much greater numbers.

After a few hours of driving through the park, we stopped for lunch at a gorgeous resort on the premises.

The place was stunning. 

Even the bathroom was incredible. 

The food was excellent, and the views from the terrace of the restaurant were amazing. 

After that, we were guided to a waterfall that was just awesome.  

Nearby was a huge buffalo skull, which provided a good photo op.

This was the type of safari that I always wanted to experience.  Another thing to cross off my bucket list.

Tomorrow is our last day in Africa.


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