Mission Rabies Tanzania – Day 5: Roaming Arusha. Pt7

The first two days of this Mission Rabies vaccination drive, we worked “static clinics”.  We drive to a place, set up our makeshift clinic, and people bring us their dogs.  Today, we did “roaming clinics”.  We drive through an assigned area announcing that we’re offering free rabies vaccinations to dogs and cats.  When we see someone with a dog, we…

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Thinking About Hal

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a movie on Netflix that was “trending”.  The film, Mank,  was about Herman J. Mankiewicz, the screenwriter of the movie Citizen Kane.  The movie went into great detail about the writing of the screenplay, and it depicted the studio heads, actors and politics of the time.  I enjoyed the film, but all  I…

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Mission Rabies Tanzania – Day 3, Let the Vaccinations Begin! Pt5

Today is Mission Rabies Tanzania Workday 1, the first day we hit the road and start vaccinating.   Didn’t sleep great last night. Still getting used to it being so quiet.  I’m up early now, so I’ll start this blog post now and finish it tonight.  Last night I packed my backpack with all of the items I think I’ll need…

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Mission Rabies Tanzania – Day 2, Orientation and Relaxation. Pt4

Mediocre night sleeping last night. It takes a little time to get used to a new bed, plus I’ve been drinking tons of water all day to ward off any potential kidney stones; this is something that I’m prone to in hot climates. I guess it’s working, because I got up to pee twice. After the second time I got…

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Mission Rabies Tanzania: The Adventure Begins. Pt2

Mike arrived in New York last night.  His plane landed at Newark, and he took the train to Penn Station, and then walked to my apartment.  He had a memorable flight, mainly because a passenger on his flight fainted in the aisle.  Oh, I should mention that the passenger was … him!  Apparently, a crappy night’s sleep, a very early…

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Mission Rabies

Mission Rabies Tanzania: The Adventure Begins. Pt1

So, after what seems like an interminable wait, the Mission Rabies Tanzania journey begins.  My college buddy, Mike Rosen, is joining me on this trip, and he arrives here in New York in about 8 hours.  He’ll stay overnight, and then we both depart from JFK airport tomorrow evening.  In these times of Covid-19, planning this trip has been a…

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"On Photographing People and Communities" by Dawoud Bey

Quick Book Review: “On Photographing People and Communities” by Dawoud Bey

Last year, I went to Ghana for a Mission Rabies project.  I got to see several small village communities and I took many great photos.  I’ll be going to Tanzania in mid-January for another Mission Rabies project, and I wanted to read some inspirational photography books to prepare me for (what I hope will be) more excellent photography opportunities.  This…

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