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In 2015, I sold my cat hospital, Manhattan Cat Specialists, to a corporation that owns and manages several veterinary clinics.  I continued to work at my hospital, however, in June of 2017, I decided to retire from veterinary practice.  My hospital continued on, in the very capable hands of Dr. Victoria Sheheri, and my faithful technician Hiromi Karagiannis, who started the practice with me from literally Day One.  

The coronavirus pandemic has affected numerous small businesses, and while many veterinary hospitals have been able to weather the economic fallout from the pandemic, many have not.  Sadly, Manhattan Cat Specialists has fallen into the latter category.  An email was sent to all of our clients informing them of the closing of the hospital, and recommending that for the time being, clients take their cat(s) to New York Cat Hospital, a feline-exclusive veterinary facility in the same neighborhood, owned and operated by Dr. Peter Soboroff.  

Peter and I are colleagues. I’ve known him for years.  He is an excellent doctor and a true cat lover.  His hospital is modern, clean, and beautiful, and he has a kind, talented staff working with him. 

Since I retired, I’ve kept busy in veterinary medicine doing some international work with Mission Rabies and the Worldwide Veterinary Service, mostly working with dogs.  I am mainly a cat person, though, and I missed being around them.  For the past few months, I’ve been popping into New York Cat Hospital on Friday mornings, where I chat with Peter about feline medicine, mingle with his staff, and play with the many resident housecats he has strolling around his hospital.

My former MCS clients have begun to migrate to New York Cat Hospital. I am delighted to report that Dr. Sheheri is now working at Dr. Soboroff’s hospital a few days a week to help him with the increased caseload.  In addition, Hiromi is also working at Dr. Soboroff’s place two days a week.  While I’m sorry to see my former hospital shuttered (temporarily, according to the email, although I suppose that remains to be seen), I’m glad that my clients have another excellent hospital to take their cats. 

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  • Suzy Anderson
    Posted August 4, 2021 10:56 pm 0Likes

    A few years ago we lost our Persian cat Sofie. Four years before we lost Sophie we adopted a second cat, a Ragdoll named Sasha. The two cats lived together for about four years when we lost Sophie. My question is this: can a cat communicate with one that has passed? For seven days now Sasha, who is near the end of life, has laid her head on Sophie’s little grave. She may leave to eat and socialize with me but returns to the gravesite.
    I hope you can answer this even if you may regard me as a kook. It us just too strange. By the way, I take pictures of her visits.

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