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Two weeks before Mark and I were scheduled to leave for our trip to Africa, our cat Mittens developed some diarrhea and vomiting. She had been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease 8 years ago and has been receiving medicine for it ever since, and has done amazingly well. Her main symptom has always been vomiting; diarrhea was something new. I…

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Household Hazards for Cats

They’re lurking quietly: in your kitchen; in your garden; in your medicine cabinet; on your nightstand. Substances potentially hazardous to your cat are everywhere. Medications. Human medications are a very common cause of toxicity in cats. Cats have a unique metabolism, and some drugs that people tolerate well can be harmful or even fatal to cats.  Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)…

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World Veterinary Service Logo

How I Spent My Winter 2019 Pt.9 – Chiang Mai (WVS, Thailand)

Friday, I arrived at the WVS Centre rested and ready.  The surgery suite was already abuzz.  A local cat rescue group was notified in advance about the week being focused on cats, and they contacted other rescue groups as well, supplying us with many cats in need of sterilization.   Some were owned by people that couldn’t afford this surgery otherwise. …

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How I Spent My Winter 2019 Pt. 8 – Chiang Mai (The Worldwide Veterinary Service, Thailand)

The next morning, after a great breakfast, Ian took me to the Centre, where I finally met Dr. Miglio.   He gave me a tour of the facility, including the clinic, the shelter, and the surgery area.   The clinic was pretty modern, with state of the art x-ray equipment. Most of the animals in the clinic are brought there for obvious,…

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Quick Book Review: "Ethics in the Real World: 82 Brief Essays on Things that Matter" by Peter Singer

Quick Book Review: “Ethics in the Real World: 82 Brief Essays on Things that Matter” by Peter Singer

Most veterinarians know Peter Singer from his books In Defense of Animals, and Animal Liberation.  His interests, however, go beyond animal welfare, and he has written many books and essays on ethics, poverty, and morality.  This book is a collection of essays that cover a broad range of topics, from vegetarianism and veganism to cloning, climate change, euthanasia, and religion. …

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Mission Rabies Goa 2018

Mission Rabies Goa – Chapter 14: Mission Accomplished, and Saying Goodbye

All good things eventually must come to an end, and that includes this incredible adventure.  The vaccinating and caring for the animals goes on all year, but these Mission Rabies volunteer projects are only two weeks long, and the last day had (all too quickly) arrived.   We gathered at the reception area in the morning as usual, and rolled out…

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Mission Rabies Goa Puppies

Mission Rabies Goa – Chapter 13: Catching and Vaccinating the Dogs and Puppies

There are so many enjoyable aspects of the Mission Rabies Goa vaccination drive (Here’s their Facebook Page; give em a ‘like’).  I loved meeting and bonding with my fellow volunteers. Driving through Goa and walking the streets and alleys was fascinating.  Sampling Indian breakfast cuisine at the different roadside cafés was great. Meeting and chatting with the residents of Goa…

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Kid and his Doggie - Mission Rabies Goa India

Mission Rabies Goa: Chapter 10 – The People of Goa

In my previous post, I described Goa as a city of crazy contrasts and contradictions, and that’s true. There is one thing, however, that remains consistent about Goa, and that is its residents: the kindest, friendliest, and most appreciative people I’ve ever had the honor of meeting.  Although I knew that the impetus behind Mission Rabies is to reduce the…

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Mission Rabies Goa Team on the Beach

Mission Rabies Goa – Chapter 7: Orientation, and then… the Beach!

I woke up refreshed this morning, despite having a difficult time falling asleep last night.  I had taken a nap before dinner, and after dinner I just wasn’t tired.  Eventually, Satan’s aspirin (i.e. Ambien) did the trick.   I lumbered downstairs and headed over to the restaurant for breakfast with my fellow volunteers.  The non-Indian fare was pretty nondescript: slices…

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Mission Rabies Goa

Mission Rabies Goa – Chapter 6: Arrival in Goa

I’m sitting in the Mumbai airport.  My flight to Goa boards in 45 minutes.  Last night, after a smooth landing in Mumbai, I headed to Immigration/Passport Control.  I was amazed to find very few passengers, and tons of clerks manning the windows.  It’s almost always the other way around.  Getting through immigration was a breeze. I headed to the Arrivals…

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Mission Rabies Goa Puppy

Mission Rabies Goa – Chapter 4: Three Days To Go!

Yesterday, I spent the day packing. Weather reports show the temperature in Goa, Delhi, and Mumbai to be in the high 80s and possibly low 90s, so I’m just bringing shorts. I’ll have one pair of long pants, and those will be the pants I’ll be wearing on the flight. The Mission Rabies handbook says that I’ll need long pants…

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