World Rabies Day 2020 & Mission Rabies – Your Donations Help. Your Donations Matter.

Today is World Rabies Day.   With a mortality rate of 99.9%, rabies is the deadliest disease in the world.  Human cases of rabies are rare in the U.S., but in underdeveloped parts of the world (Asia and Africa in particular), rabies kills approximately 60,000 people annually, the majority being children under the age of 15.  Most cases result from a dog bite.

Mission Rabies is a charity whose goal is to eliminate canine rabies by the year 2030.  I’ve gone on two vaccination missions in the past (India in 2018 and Ghana is 2020) and am ready to embark on another, to Tanzania this coming January. 

These projects require resources, and Mission Rabies asks each participant to try to raise money to help cover the cost of the vaccinations.  My goal is to raise the modest sum of $350.  I ask my dog-loving friends and followers to click on the DONATE button below and contribute whatever you like.  To show my appreciation, I promise to regale you with thrilling photos and captivating stories from Tanzania that will leave no doubt that your contribution directly helped the people and dogs of the villages we visit.  Thank you for your support. 

Donate to Arnold Plotnick Mission Rabies

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