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Men Of The Woods in Amsterdam Pt.1 – Celebrating 41 Years of Friendship

Introduction: The Backstory In early 1978, as I was finishing up my freshman year of college at New York University (NYU), I realized that this wasn’t the collegiate experience that I was expecting or hoping for.  I was still living at home, riding the subway into the city for my classes, and then coming back home to Brooklyn to try…

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Arnold Plotnick and College Buddies

Amsterdam Musings – August 2019

It’s Tuesday in Amsterdam. In two more days, four of my college buddies fly across the Atlantic to join me for five days of eating, drinking, exploring, laughing, and reminiscing about the good old days, i.e., our days together at SUNY Binghamton, back when life seemed like one continuous party. Forty-one years have passed and we’re still good friends, and…

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Mission Rabies Goa Puppy

Mission Rabies Goa – Chapter 4: Three Days To Go!

Yesterday, I spent the day packing. Weather reports show the temperature in Goa, Delhi, and Mumbai to be in the high 80s and possibly low 90s, so I’m just bringing shorts. I’ll have one pair of long pants, and those will be the pants I’ll be wearing on the flight. The Mission Rabies handbook says that I’ll need long pants…

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Mission Rabies Goa

Mission Rabies Goa – Chapter 3: What We Will Be Doing

As the date approached, I began receiving occasional e-mails from the Mission Rabies volunteer coordinator detailing the finer aspects of the mission.  For example, we were gently reminded that many of Mission Rabies’s projects take place in warm countries, so that we should avoid risks like sunburn, heat stroke, or heat exhaustion.  I looked up, on the internet, the average…

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Mission Rabies Logo

Mission Rabies Goa – Chapter 1: Mission Accepted!

When I retired last year, I thought my life could be divided into my “professional identity” and my “civilian identity”, and I was happy to leave my professional identity – and all of the stresses that arose from that – behind, and just live happily with my civilian identity. But being a veterinarian is not like being a toll collector…

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