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How I Spent My Winter 2019 Pt.9 – Chiang Mai (WVS, Thailand)

Friday, I arrived at the WVS Centre rested and ready.  The surgery suite was already abuzz.  A local cat rescue group was notified in advance about the week being focused on cats, and they contacted other rescue groups as well, supplying us with many cats in need of sterilization.   Some were owned by people that couldn’t afford this surgery otherwise. …

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How I Spent My Winter 2019 Pt. 8 – Chiang Mai (The Worldwide Veterinary Service, Thailand)

The next morning, after a great breakfast, Ian took me to the Centre, where I finally met Dr. Miglio.   He gave me a tour of the facility, including the clinic, the shelter, and the surgery area.   The clinic was pretty modern, with state of the art x-ray equipment. Most of the animals in the clinic are brought there for obvious,…

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