How I Spent My Winter 2019 Pt.7 – Chiang Mai

I was met by Ian at the airport, and driven to the Narittaya Resort and Spa.  This is where the World Veterinary Service houses their visitors.  It’s about five minutes from the clinic.  It’s a very peaceful, very quiet place.  Instead of rooms, you are given your own little villa.  

Mine was very spacious, with two beds.  The beds were low to the ground (which I like) and were very comfortable.  

On the porch of the villa were two lounge chairs (actually, two large cushions and a pillow) where you can relax and enjoy the serenity. The bathroom was in a separate room connected to the villa; it was partially indoor and partially outdoor. 

It’s hard to explain. Inside was the toilet and tub/shower.  

Outside was an outdoor shower.  

It was unique, and very nice.  The hotel grows their own vegetables, and all of the food they serve is locally sourced.  

herbs growing in the garden of the hotel

The shampoo and conditioner is actually made on site, from plants and flowers grown there.  Everything about the place was serene and relaxing.  

The food was excellent.  By the time I settled in, I was exhausted, and wasn’t really up for sitting in their restaurant, so I asked if the food could be sent to my room instead.  They said yes. Then, the power went out! Apparently this happens now and then in Chiang Mai. It didn’t matter; the guy delivered the food, along with a small, portable flashlight, and I was able to eat in my room by the light of this little flashlight.  

I really liked the hotel, although it’s off the beaten path.  The main sights in Chiang Mai are a good 20 minutes away by cab. Getting to these sights was easy, however, using an app called Grab.  More about that in the next post. 

In any event, Ian said he would pick me up the next morning at 8:30 and take me to the Centre.  I slept very well that night.


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