Dorothea Lange Exhibit at MoMa

Yesterday was the long-awaited reopening of MoMA. Visits must be reserved online ahead of time, and Mondays are set aside for members only. I’ve been a member for years. When I got there yesterday, I was asked to show my invitation. I said I thought it was open for members today, and she said that was next week, that today was the “soft opening”, and it was by invitation only. I guess she saw the disappointment in my eyes. She looked at the very sparse list she had on her clipboard and agreed to let me in anyway! There were literally only about 10 visitors in the entire museum. There were more staff than visitors. This was perfect, because I had the entire Dorothea Lange exhibit to myself.

This was absolutely one of the best exhibits I’ve ever seen at MoMA. Most of you know that I’ve gotten very into photography in my retirement, and Dorothea Lange is an inspiration. Her depression-era photos are absolutely incredible. The despair and anguish that she captures in her subject’s faces is indescribable. Her photos moved a nation and affected government policy. The exhibit closes in two weeks, so snag a reservation quickly if you want to be totally blown away.

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