Quick Book Review: “Think Like a Street Photographer” by Matt Stuart

Although I’m far enough along in my street photography journey that this book should feel a little simplistic, it’s so well-written and filled with wisdom that I found it refreshing and inspiring.  Broken into 20 small chapters, this book offers helpful tips and insightful philosophy regarding street photography.  The premise of each chapter is supported with a few of the author’s photos, all of which illustrate his point nicely.  Some of the photos are street photography classics.  The others are generally brilliant.  Although the book is geared more toward beginners, it never hurts to have some of the maxims of street photography (“think lucky, be lucky”, “bad weather, good photos”, “be calm”, “see with a child’s eyes”, etc.) drummed into one’s head again. A quick, fun, inspiring read.  When I was done with this book, I immediately felt compelled to hit the streets and start snapping (which I did).  Newbies to the field will greatly benefit from this book.  Those who have been doing it for a while will still enjoy it quite a bit, especially if you’re unfamiliar with Stuart’s photos.  

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