Quick Book Review: “The Photography Ideas Book: Inspiration and tips taken from over 80 photos” by Lorna Yabsley

This is a small book designed to try to inspire or re-inspire photographers by showing some of the unique approaches to photography taken by a variety of photographers.  The author says you should not limit yourself to the giants of photography for inspiration. She says that we’re part of a modern movement in photography now that photography has become so accessible for everyone, given the use of smartphones and sharing platforms like Facebook and Instagram.   The best part of the book, for me, was getting to know the works of some of these modern photographers.  Of the 80 photographers featured, I was familiar only with Martin Parr and Man Ray.  All the rest were new to me, and their work was inspiring.  As for the text, I found maybe half of it to be useful.  In many instances, the author points out some very specific techniques that a photographer has done, and then she recommends doing the same.  Some of the techniques aren’t very practical, and doing the same thing would feel too similar to what the photographer has already done. In the other half of the book, the ideas presented are general enough to provoke creative project ideas that would definitely feel unique and original, and these were the descriptions that I found useful and inspiring.  In fact, after reading the book, I now have several project ideas to pursue.  I recommend this book for anyone with an interest in photography, both for the introduction to the works of some dynamic modern photographers, and to possibly get you out of a rut if you find yourself having “photographer’s block” lately.   

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