Quick Book Review: “Read This if You Want to Take Great Photographs of Places: (Beginners Guide, Landscape photography, Street photography)” by Henry Carroll

This is the third book of Henry Carroll’s that I’ve read.  They’re short books, but they’re packed with a lot of insight.  The technical information (which is only a small part of his books) is really geared toward beginners and doesn’t contain much info that I haven’t already learned, but that’s fine; I always benefit from hearing it again.  It’s his philosophical observations and practical tips that I enjoy.  As usual, he illustrates all of his points with an excellent selection of photos from big-name photographers whose works are really fabulous to look at and learn from. I learned a lot from his book on photographing people, and I’m now excited to go out and apply that same information and enthusiasm toward photographing landscapes, cityscapes, architecture and interiors.  His books are inexpensive.  Definitely recommended for photographers at any level. 

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