Quick Book Review: “Photography Rules: Essential Do’s and Don’ts from Great Photographers” by Paul Lowe

A small book in which the collected wisdom of acclaimed photographers and industry professionals is presented in an engaging way.  At the top of the left page is a maxim.  Below that is a photograph.  Below the photo, and on the page opposite, the maxim is explored in greater depth.  To become a better photographer, it’s important to see the work of those who have come before you, as well as those who are doing innovative work today, and the dozens of photos in this book are interesting and well-selected.  Some of the “rules” in the book are contradictory.  The reader has to decide which maxims resonate best with your own viewpoint.  Many of the “rules” are the same thing over and over, just said in slightly different ways, like “Find your own voice” and “Acknowledge your own personality”, “Know who you are”, “Figure out what you’re about”, “Look inside yourself”, etc.  Still, the photos they use to illustrate these points, and the commentary by the photographer, usually offer some nugget of value and inspiration.  The book addresses several genres of photography, such as portraiture, landscape, documentary, photojournalism, and street photography, so there’s something for everyone.  If you’re looking to develop your eye, get inspired, and see compelling photos from dozens of photographers, this book is a pretty good choice.   

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