Quick Book Review: “Out East: Memoir of a Montauk Summer” by John Glynn

A really wonderful coming of age memoir.  Despite having a loving family and many good friends, the author John was plagued by a loneliness and self-doubt that he couldn’t quite get a grip on.  In 2013, he seized the opportunity to acquire a half-share in a house in Montauk, having never done anything like this before.  Nicknamed The Hive, the house became a huge social hub every weekend that summer, hosting up to 30 people who spent their days drinking, partying, and forming lasting friendships.  It is here that John meets another new member of the group, Matt, and forms an instant, deep connection to him that leads him to realize and finally address the source of his angst.  I spent some time sharing a summer house on Fire Island, and could relate to the culture of excess that the book captures so well.  The cast of characters is like a reality TV soap opera, and I found myself longing for the beach and wistfully remembering those kind of friendships, ones that sadly have faded over the years.  I felt like I was accompanying him on his journey of self-discovery, easily relating to the headiness of first love and the crushing heartbreak of losing it. Out East is a moving account of friendship, family, and self-discovery, told with candor, honesty, and insight.  

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