Quick Book Review: “Our Souls at Night” by Kent Haruf

A simple, emotional tale, both heartbreaking and hopeful, about finding love late in life.  Addie Moore and Louis Waters are neighbors in the small town of Holt, Colorado.  She’s a widow; he’s a widower, both in their 70s.  They live alone, in their respective houses.  One day, Addie knocks on Louis’s door and asks him if he might consider coming over to her house occasionally to spend the night.  Just as companions. She’s lonely, and wants to have someone there for conversation and company.  “The nights are the worst, don’t you think?” she says.  “Yes, I think so”, he says.  What follows is a sweet, beautiful, tender story of love and friendship, simply written, but with charm and grace and emotion.  I read this book in one sitting, and was surprisingly affected at the end.  The characters are as real as they come, and they stay with you long after the book is finished.  

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