Quick Book Review: “On Bowie” by Rob Sheffield

"On Bowie" by Rob Sheffield

A short book written by a talented music writer and major Bowie fan.  It’s not just a biography, but a major tribute to one of the most creative musicians/artists of the past century.  The author goes through every phase of Bowie’s career, describing with encyclopedic knowledge everything you might want to know about the music, and Bowie’s motivation behind it.  Sheffield is the ultimate fanboy, so if you’re looking for any type of objectivity, forget it.  Granted, the constant insertion of song titles and lyrics into every paragraph can get a little cheesy, but it made me smile more than it made me groan.  It took me a little longer than I expected, because I stopped multiple times to play the songs that he gushed about in the text.  A feel-good book for diehard Bowie fans.  

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