Quick Book Review: “Make Great Photos: A Friendly Guide for Improving Your Photographs” by Alan Hess

I picked this book up in a thrift store for $3, which is surprising since the book was published relatively recently (2019). I still feel like a novice, so the first few chapters –  about aperture, shutter speed, focal length, exposure, focusing, and composition –  were a helpful review, although the presentation was a little dull.  The last few chapters, about specific scenarios like travel photography, sports and action photography, and event photography, were geared more for professional photographers and less for the hobbyist. Since I’m mostly into street photography, I found those chapters not very applicable to what I’m doing. Still, the info about lighting, lenses, and shutter speeds is good to read about.  The book isn’t very exciting, though, and there are a lot of typos and photographic errors, unfortunately. Overall, there are definitely more inspiring, compelling books out there for improving your photography.

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