Quick Book Review: “Little Bee” by Chris Cleave

This was a pretty intense novel. It tells the tragic story of Little Bee, a Nigerian refugee, and Sarah, a young widow in England.  The lives of these two women intersected violently on a Nigerian beach years before the novel opens, and their reunion brings forth a devastating tale that haunts you long after the book is finished.  The author skillfully alternates the points of view in each chapter, from Little Bee to Sarah, really empathizing with the plight of these women.  The storyline is unpredictable, with really brilliant plot development, leaving you guessing until the very end how this story will resolve.  I had never given much thought to the hardship, and the horror, experienced by asylum-seekers in Britain. The book certainly has changed that.  This is a sad, heavy book, but it really makes you think, and the writing is superb.  

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