Quick Book Review: “Lie With Me: A Novel” by Philippe Besson

"Lie With Me: A Novel" by Philippe Besson

An excellent coming of age story (and actually, a memoir) about two French high school students who experience first love and sexual awakening with each other.  Their backgrounds are very different, however, and as each moves on with his own life, the boys drift apart and lose touch. The protagonist ends up becoming a well-known writer and, by chance, meets up with his high-school lover’s son, allowing him to discover what ever became of the boy he was madly in love with all those years ago.  It’s a short book, but it powerfully captures the longing, angst, desire, and passion that rages inside these boys at such a vulnerable age. A cautionary tale about love, loss, and the consequences we suffer when we don’t allow ourselves the freedom to be who we really are. I loved this book.

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