Quick Book Review: “How to Stay Human in a Fucked-Up World” by Tim Desmond

I readily admit that it was the provocative title of the book that suckered me in. I was hoping the book would have more of a sociological bent, given that the author has a history of political activism, but it was totally focused on Buddhism and mindfulness. I’ve read a few books on mindfulness and meditation, and I do meditate for 15 minutes daily, so I wasn’t opposed.  It just didn’t resonate with me at this point in my life.  The book seems more geared for people who are really struggling with how to cope with such a messed up world and don’t know where to begin.  I liked that the author does share his very personal story about dealing with his wife’s cancer diagnosis and with some traumatic experiences of his youth, but I just couldn’t relate.  I think I’ve read too many of these types of books at this point.  Probably a great book for someone who is new to mindfulness meditation.

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