Quick Book Review: “Becoming” by Michele Obama

"Becoming" by Michele Obama

A really wonderful autobiography.  She’s so honest, so real, so down-to-earth.  I enjoyed hearing about her courtship with Barack, her struggle with trying to find a job that gave her a feeling of purpose, and how she dealt with the transition from being a regular citizen to being a heavily-guarded first lady whose every move was scrutinized.  Her passages about the Sandy Hook shooting, and her joy over the Supreme Court’s legalization of gay marriage, were very moving.  Of course, the book only served to make me a bit sad, too, as it reminded me how wonderful the Obamas were, and how much I miss them.  Hearing her articulate her thoughts so clearly and emotionally and movingly only reinforced the stark difference between such a smart, classy first family and the current vile pieces of garbage who now occupy the White House.  Sigh.

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