Iphone 11 and Ricoh GR III

Street Photography: iPhone 11 Pro vs. Ricoh GR III

Until recently I’ve relied on my iPhone 11 Pro exclusively for my photography. It’s been great for landscapes and architecture. The portrait mode is fantastic, providing varying, controllable levels of bokeh (that beautiful background blur). It shoots very good videos, as well. My main use of the iPhone, however, has been for ‘street photography’. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts,…

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"Seduced by Mrs. Robinson: How The Graduate Became the Touchstone of a Generation" by Beverly Gray

Quick Book Review: “Seduced by Mrs. Robinson: How The Graduate Became the Touchstone of a Generation” by Beverly Gray

The Graduate has held, for decades, a consistent, secure place in my list of top ten favorite movies, as well an iconic place in Hollywood history and in pop culture.  This book (which I found, in pristine condition, sitting in a small pile of books next to a trashcan on a street corner on the upper west side), is an…

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Urban Street Photography Group

Urban Street Photography’s Highly Commended Photos of the Week

I’m proud and honored to have had one of my photographs selected to be showcased in Urban Street Photography’s Highly Commended Photos of the 4th Week of October. The photographers included are : Arnold Plotnick, Charles Yiu, Craig Dandridge, Gerry O’Brien, Graham Long, Hyun Suk Chung, Jayaraj Tp, Mario Barrela, Mashimo Kei, Mike Sidofsky, Nicola Motroni, Oğuz Arat, Patrice Carré,…

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Lou Reed and Arnold Plotnick

Lou Reed and The Leather Jacket

On this date in 2013…Lou Reed died. A few years ago, the New York Times sponsored a silent auction to benefit the Actors Fund. One of the items on auction was a leather jacket given to Lou Reed by President Bill Clinton, as a thank you for playing at the Clinton/Gore inauguration. Inside the jacket is an embroidered presidential seal,…

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I Stopped By Arden Moore’s Podcast, “Oh Behave” – Check Out the Episode

Arden Moore has been a long-time friend and has devoted her life to animals. I was recently on her podcast, “Oh Behave!” Make sure to catch the episode: https://www.petliferadio.com/behaveep398.html (click the play button on her site) Here’s here SOCIAL to follow along for future episodes and updates from Arden and Pet Life Radio: Twitter Facebook YouTube

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