"The Greatest Albums You’ll Never Hear: Unreleased Records by the World’s Greatest Artists" by Bruno MacDonald

Quick Book Review: “The Greatest Albums You’ll Never Hear: Unreleased Records by the World’s Greatest Artists” by Bruno MacDonald

This is a very cool book that describes in excellent detail some mythical musical gems that for whatever reason never got to see the light of day.  The author covers all genres, and has done some impressive research.  At the end of each album description, he gives a rating on the odds that the record will ever be released.  The…

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"When Brooklyn Was Queer" by Hugh Ryan

Quick Book Review: “When Brooklyn Was Queer” by Hugh Ryan

This was a really interesting book about the history of gay Brooklyn, impeccably researched and filled with fascinating stories about the borough’s queer and trans denizens.  It starts in 1855 with the publication of Brooklyn resident Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, and ends just before Stonewall.  Brooklyn was a prominent port, and the waterfront attracted quite the crowed, particularly sailors,…

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"On Street Photography and the Poetic Image" by Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb

Quick Book Review: “On Street Photography and the Poetic Image” by Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb

I’ve gotten very into street photography this year, reading lots of books on the topic.  Alex Webb is a well-known photographer, as is his wife Rebecca, although neither is really thought of as a ‘street photographer’ in the same way as Joel Meyerowitz or Garry Winogrand, for example. Still, with this book being part of Aperture magazine’s Photography Workshop series,…

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"Read This if You Want to Take Great Photographs of People" by Henry Carroll

Quick Book Review: “Read This if You Want to Take Great Photographs of People” by Henry Carroll

Henry Carroll writes small, very helpful, very useful little books about photography.  A few months ago, I read his book about taking great photographs in general, and I really got a lot out of it.  In this book, he focuses on taking photos of people.  In his very clear, encouraging style, he points out some basic rule or technique, and…

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"How I Make Photographs" by Joel Meyerowitz

Quick Book Review: “How I Make Photographs” by Joel Meyerowitz

Joel Meyerowitz is an amazing street photographer.  He’s has published more than 25 photobooks and has had exhibits in museums and galleries all over the world.  In his clear, concise, very relatable manner, he gives his inspiring philosophy on photography, along with dozens of photos that illustrate his points and display his skill and talent.  The message really resonated with…

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Mission Rabies

Countdown to Mission Rabies Tanzania 2021

Regular readers of my blog know that even though I retired from veterinary practice three years ago, I’ve remained active in the veterinary community.  I still author the bimonthly “The Vet Is In” column for Catster magazine, and I still pop into Dr. Soboroff’s practice, New York Cat Hospital, every now and then to visit him and Dr. Sheheri and…

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